Wendy Grimm

Wendy Grimm – 38 – Office Administrator at a local law firm.

WHY? Wendy deserves to be nominated because she is funny, smart, driven (she has a full time job and is pursuing a college degree!), is a great girlfriend and has a beautiful smile to boot! Girl just can’t meet a good guy, she has been on a number of disastrous first dates (that all of her friends got a good laugh out of) but really deserves to meet a great guy that will compliment her awesomeness. Wendy is a Sacramento native that loves finding a hidden gem at the Antique Fair, exploring new restaurants, and never misses an episode of Walking Dead.

Vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SMEBB2014 (Please only vote once. Those caught cheating/gaming the system will be disqualified.)

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