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Want to join our little family? You’ve got two options…

1. Official GOTG writers must submit at least one article a month. We’re not crazy strict with the policy, but we try and make it easy by offering compilation articles on a regular basis. “Full-time” writers receive an email once a month with events/ideas for articles, first dibs on free tickets/promotions and access to our private Facebook group where we share news, gossip and ideas for articles. Those interested should fill out THE FORM

2. If you can’t commit to one article a month, no worries because we welcome any and all submissions from our readers! Please submit commentary, pictures, suggestions/feedback, events, press releases (etc) to No guarantees that we’ll use it, but we promise to review everything – and give you proper credit (unless you ask for anonymity).

There are no topic or length requirements – although ties to Sacramento are key 🙂 – and you have to disclose any personal or professional connections (client, board of directors, etc). To get your creativity flowing, check out our guest blogger submissions.

Nervous? Don’t be. We know, we know … it can be crazy daunting and scary to put yourself out there, but our readers really gravitate towards articles that are honest, revealing and/or self-deprecating. Below is some of the best blogging advice we’ve seen, and don’t forget – you can always publish articles anonymously (examples here and here).

  • Write what you know. It’s easy to think that your life is average and no one will care … but you’re wrong. Some of our most popular posts have been on losing baby weight or feeling torn between career/personal life or trips to Big Sur. The human existence is fascinating, and everyone has a story worth sharing. Think about advice you can offer (from turning 30 to finding the perfect apartment in Midtown) and start sharing!
  • Write in your own voice. It’s very tempting to pretend you’re Carrie Bradshaw typing away on life and love, but readers can tell when you’re being authentic. Sarcasm, snark, empathy and directness are all great “voices” – as long as they’re your own.
  • Do NOT copy other people’s work. Seriously don’t, or we will publicly humiliate you. (Just kidding … not really.)
  • Avoid politics. While most of us are/were involved in politics – that’s not what this blog is about. Please don’t send us rants bashing either political party. Submit those ideas to these blogs instead.
  • Focus on the content. We’ll help you edit, find pictures and add relevant URLs.
  • Ignore criticism. There will always be Internet trolls and haters – in fact, take it as a compliment because it means you wrote a really compelling piece that struck a chord. Oddly, whenever we make fun of men people LOVE it, but when we point fingers at our own gender … well, that’s a different story. Write what you want and own it.
  • And lastly – sleep on it. There’s nothing like a mood swing or bottle of wine to make you write a pithy treatise. But follow Ernest Hemingway’s advice: “Write drunk, edit sober.” Get it on paper…err Microsoft Word Doc, sleep on it, edit and submit it in the AM.

As always, thanks for your support!