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  1. Chantel Elder
    Chantel Elder at |

    Julie! I love your passion and commitment. You inspire me :)

  2. Linda
    Linda at |

    Great post, Julie! I hope you can enjoy these next 3 months as you focus on other things besides shopping. Your trip to Haiti sounds life changing–and that change has already begun!

  3. Dalia
    Dalia at |

    Best of luck with this Julie…I’m pulling for you! I think this is so worthwhile. One time I challenged myself to go just one week without spending any money (except for gas) cus I have “spending issues”…I only survived a few days unfortunately :-( Looking forward to reading how you do…stay strong!

  4. cassandra
    cassandra at |

    What a great idea! For once a blog post is actually presenting the concept of being a conscious consumer rather than telling me what overpriced shoes I should be buying for spring (and I LOVE shoes). Its great to see a different point of view presented. Thank you!

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