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    yea, buy really crappy candy that you only resort to eating when the sugar monster takes over, such as lemon starburst, root beer flavored hard candy or anything with black licorice.

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  3. Potty Training Young Children | The Coterie Blog | Coterie [koh-tuh-ree] A group of people who associate closely.

    […] image sourceEntertainment-Keep a stack of books in the bathroom. One of Cole’s favorites (suggested by SIL Kindsay) was Everyone Poops. (funny side note story, my nieces and nephews who stayed at our house a few weeks ago found this book and were disgusted. I heard them in the other room discussing it for a couple days in a row, saying that it was a “bad” book, and “not to read it” because it was “really bad”. I walked in and asked what would happen if they couldn’t poop. It put them into deep thought and the subject changed). […]

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