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  1. amy
    amy at |

    i COMPLETELY agree that cute workout clothes help! especially at the gym. i usually don’t care so much about what i’m wearing when i head out for a run (because i’m going to look gross in a matter of minutes regardless of what i’m wearing …) but if i’m going to be seeing my reflection in mirrors while i lift weights, do pilates, etc., i think it’s a huge help to like what i see.

    and another very practical reason is that if i put on cute workout clothes, i can run errands before or after the gym and feel a little less self-conscious. =)

    finally, i could not agree more on the lulu front — i am a huge fan! everything fits beautifully, feels great, and i can run full marathons in their sport bras without chafing, which is a miracle.

  2. Caroline Silveira
    Caroline Silveira at |

    I AGREE! But I also think it has to be cute plus functional. Workout clothing that fits correctly can actually make you work out better! You can see your form, and you don’t have to fear moving in a way that might make your cheap pants show your undies, or your ill-fitting top or shorts riding up on you every couple minutes. So, if you would be better off buying for function, then buy for cute too! Also, I like my workout clothes to be for working out, my sleep clothes for sleeping, etc. I like it all separate.
    p.s. You fail to mention Lucy brand. And, we have a Lucy shop at Pavilions on Fair Oaks Blvd. I buy most of my pants, shorts, and tanks there. Awesome quality, pretty expensive – but sales and good online coupons. I’ve steered clear of Lulu so far because I’m scared to venture out and never come back!

  3. Nina
    Nina at |

    agreed. cute workout clothes are motivating. make me feel good about myself and push me to workout harder. Lulu is expensive but I also discovered Lucy brand. They have sales all the time. I bought their cardio pants for $42 on sale when the original was $88. These pants are great for the gym, yoga and running in cold weather.

  4. Cute Workout Clothes
    Cute Workout Clothes at |

    Agreed! Looking good is one thing when you dress up but it’s so motivating to look good when you’re working out. Pushes you harder to look even better!

  5. Pansy
    Pansy at |

    I have never been a fan of buying over priced or even low priced gym clothes or putting extra effort in my gym attire/look since i know i always leave wet and yucky feeling… having competed for nearly all my life i am a true regular at the gym and anything I wear fortunately looks fairly decent on me but it has always been so interesting & funny to me to see girls (mostly) get beautified for the gym… Makeup, cute hair, & OUTFITS! The outfits have by far been the most hilarious because while I understand some people might need a false motivation to workout but its usually the ones who look as if they are only in the gym after a dr or 2 or even 3 gave them a death warning regarding their weight… No joking at all – but it is rather refreshing to see fear-of-gym bodies in decent workout clothes. The cute over matching attire is always a tell tale sign they are NEW to cardio & healthy living. By the time ‘they’ get it – matching doesn’t matter and a healthy lifestyle becomes the real priority… Since by that time anything you put on tends to look great on you;)


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