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  1. Julia
    Julia at |

    Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer a phone call to texting for many reasons. For one, if you are a younger guy and you do this, it instantly sets you apart from all the others in your demographic. As a woman, it makes me respect you more and view you as acting more like a confident and fully-grown man instead of a boy. Texting a girl to ask her out really is borderline junior high behavior if you think about it. Calling a woman shows that you are self-assured and have enough confidence to initiate a conversation that does not involve several minute delays for crafting “perfect” responses.

    Also, don’t under-estimate the psychological seduction of a man’s deep, sonorous voice! If you have a deep, sexy voice then don’t hide behind a phone screen – use that to your advantage! All of these electronic communication forms are fine sometimes, but they ultimately undermine the psychological process of attracting and seducing your mate by neutralizing how our responses are conveyed and interpreted.

    And one last thing: texting is NOT more efficient. Sometimes a texting conversation can take 2-3 times as long as it would to just pick up the phone and speak briefly with the other person. I don’t know why everyone thinks this, but often it takes less time for a guy to pick up the phone, say hi and quick formalities, then say something to the effect of, “So, I was thinking about doing such-and-such on this night, come with me if you’re not doing anything around that time.” Let her respond, say great and promise to touch bases again shortly before the date, then say goodbye and hang up. It doesn’t take that long – in fact, that entire conversation could take around three minutes or less. You don’t need to carry on a long conversation about each other’s days – that’s what the date is for. Just keep it short and sweet (unlike my post, LOL) and it will be fine.

    Texting and all these other forms of communication are fine, but most women still prefer a little old-fashioned courtship.

  2. Caitlin McArthur
    Caitlin McArthur at |

    This is hilarious! Both are spot on.

  3. Beth W.
    Beth W. at |

    Highlight of my day. Patrick providing some keen male insight and Jamie nailing it!

  4. Stephanie
    Stephanie at |

    Just saw this. And fell out! Funny and true.

  5. Kristen
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    What a riot! Is any topic off limits? I’ve got some good ones.

  6. Emily
    Emily at |

    you guys are really, really funny. makes me sad i left sac :)


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