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  1. Chantel Elder
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    Find your favorite quote or make one up to repeat to yourself as you tackle each one! The one I try to live by is “Jump and the net will open”. Seems appropriate for some of these.

    I often start with baby step to achieve a goal. Instead of jumping out of a plane work up to it. Start with zip-lining or something…I think it will give you a chance to learn to appreciate or even enjoy something you previously feared. I say start with looking out the window on the next plane ride.

    Also start with skinny dipping on the nudist camp goal, and go at night…and then the day and then check out a beach – I have a recommendation if you want one that has lots of rocks and trees. ( Am I revealing to much about myself?!)

    I truly think that if you give yourself permission to actually enjoy the journey to conquering these fears you will have one hell of a ride.

    You got this lady! And let me know if you need a friend!

  2. Gin
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    So many of these fears spoke to me, Laura, as we are very similar. But, #6 struck a very familiar chord. I used to be very afraid of rejection and failure as well. When I would meet someone new, I would build up whatever it was that I felt for them into something much bigger than it actually was, whether it was just a new friendship or it was a new, romantic relationship. I was very unrealistic. Which in return made me feel constantly let down. I’ve learned that the less expectation I put on a person or an experience, the less fear of rejection I have as a result. In realizing this, I forced myself to stop putting these expectations, what I now call ‘restrictions’, on my life. The more open I became to any outcome, in every situation, the less rejection was even a possibility. When I realized this, I was free. I’ve never been happier or more stress free.

    Anyways, I appreciate your honesty and openness. I wish more people would take more responsibility for their own happiness, like you.

    Good luck with everything!!

  3. Amelia McLear
    Amelia McLear at |

    Wow, fears #1 and #2 I totally get. I am deathly afraid of heights and we went skydiving a few years ago for Aaron’s birthday. Awful – I hyperventalated and scratched the arms of my instructor on the way down until they bled. Guns – I think it’s the loud noise and all the movies and TV shows that make them scary, but the first time I went to a shooting range and shot one, I started crying and I didn’t know why! You have to face your fears head on – that’s the only way to get through them. Good for you for facing them! You’ll be such a stronger person for having done so.

  4. Marlissa Hernandez
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    Such a fantastically honest story!!! I love it!!! Good luck!

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