Ryan Hinderman, 26, Social Media Coordinator & Puppy Prince of Front Street Animal Shelter

Smebb nominee Ryan Hinderman

Favorite Sacramento Cause? I’m lucky enough to work at one of Sacramento’s best organizations, Front Street Animal Shelter. Taking in over 10,000 stray, sick and injured cats, dogs, and everything else you could imagine is no small feat, and I am inspired every day by the staff and volunteers that work tirelessly to save them.

Favorite spot on Sacramento’s grid? Pine Cove – It’s the diviest bar around with the most enthusiastic and off-key karaoke you’ll here, and for some reason I love it. I just miss the popcorn machine that the health regulations people took away.

Three Fun Facts Most People Don’t Know?
–I have way too many hobbies and will someday be the retired person that’s doing the most.
–I’ve been to Puerto Rico, France, Sweden, Norway and Mexico – and hope to do a trip every year. My dream destination is Antarctica.
–The hottest thing about me is that I can make macaroni and cheese without reading the back of the box.

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