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  1. Kara
    Kara at |

    So glad you came by. Hope to see both of you again.

  2. Melody Stone
    Melody Stone at |

    Thanks for the mention! I really enjoyed meeting you!

  3. Bella Q
    Bella Q at |

    These are such gorgeous photos of the event. AND you manage to capture the lovely and elusive Nicole of Crimson & Clover!

    It was nice to meet you and good to know that the Sacramento Blogging community is a warm and friendly one. xo, and looking forward in hobnobbing with you again!

  4. Juniper James
    Juniper James at |

    This was really fun – I am so happy I finally got to meet you girls!! We need to get together for drinks again soon. :)

  5. nicole
    nicole at |

    Those photos! I have serious camera envy…
    Thanks so much to the both of you for coming to the meet up!

  6. Kerry
    Kerry at |

    I know I’m a little late with this, but thanks for mentioning my blog . Im still trying to wrap my head around cyber communications.
    Thanks again :))

  7. Houston Moncayo
    Houston Moncayo at |

    Heyy, Sweet publish! I’ll definatley be coming back shortly!=)

  8. Hooded Cape Show
    Hooded Cape Show at |

    […] , and girls on the grid  for photos! […]

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