Ryan VanZuylen

Favorite Sacramento Cause? Reading Partners. It is a great program that pairs adults with elementary school students who have fallen behind in reading to practice and get caught up. I read with a 2nd grader who has a very active imagination and draws elaborate pictures of new vocabulary words while learning reading comprehension.

Favorite spot on Sacramento’s grid? Kupros. It always has ample space while retaining a small bar feel. The live music and food are great and when it’s nice outside there is great people-watching on the second-floor balcony. Also, $2 Can Roulette is the best.

Three Fun Facts Most People Don’t Know?
–I am a HUGE fan of historical documentaries.
–I’ve been stuck in a typhoon at Disneyland in Japan.
–In the span of 365 days, I had a banh mi sandwich for over 300 of them.

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