Erica Root

A public affairs professional at a non-profit organization committed to protecting the rights of women and Vice President of the Fem Dems of Sacramento.

I love reading, writing, and wine. I am also ridiculously fond of Zumba and every song Pitbull has ever made.

Hometown: Danville, CA by way of Lake Forest, CA.

Sacramento guilty pleasure: Marie’s Donuts – it is the only place in Sacramento where I am recognized a regular. This is something that makes me both proud and concerned.

If Mayor Johnson ever asked: Remember me? I interned for you 5 years ago.

Dream job: Professor at Hogwarts. Preferably for Transfiguration or maybe even Divination.

In a past life I was probably: Jane Austen

In the next life I want to be: a Bollywood Dancer. They have the best costumes and the best moves.

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