Robbie Abelon

Robbie Abelon – 29 – District Director, State Assemblymember Richard Pan

WHY? Robbie was born in Chicago but came to Sacramento for college and has stayed ever since. He is an incredibly fun-loving, caring, and devoted friend and he would make an amazing man for any lucky lady out there! His witty personality and random humor quickly attract people and you will find he knows someone everywhere you go. He is very involved in the community through his work and on his own as well – he serves as a mentor and adviser for high-school students through the YMCA California Youth and Government program, and has even earned a few charity/public service awards. Plus, he’s athletic and participates in various sports league in town, as well as multiple fantasy football leagues. So if you’re looking for an adventurous guy who you can find anywhere, from being a speaker at a community event to wearing a mullet wig to an 80s party, Robbie is the guy for you!

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