Quinn Williams

Favorite Sacramento Cause? C.A.S.H.(Community Against Sexual Harm)! Women are so incredibly important, and many women do not even recognize the strength that they carry. As a woman who has been through sexual assault, and seeing first hand the experiences of some close friends that have been through similar situations; it is important to realize that sexual assault exists and needs to be talked about. Women are being sexually exploited every single day and the harm that this can cause not only physically but also mentally is devastating. We as a community need to take a stand against sexual exploitation, prostitution, and more because these women and girls need to be treated as queens because that is what women truly are in my eyes. We need to continue to prevail and come together united.

Favorite spot on Sacramento’s grid? I am a lover of music and dancing! The Shady Lady for the live music or Badlands for the carefree dancing with beautiful people are my two favorite spots to go! As far as eating goes I love the Porch! It’s quaint and has delicious food!

Three Fun Facts Most People Don’t Know?
–I am an artist! I not only paint canvas but I also paint bodies!
–I may still sleep with a stuffed animal, just maybe.
–I am a rock-a-holic and not many know that I am actually a great Screamo vocalist. It’s true. Now you know my secrets.

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