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  1. rachel
    rachel at |

    wahoo!! i’m famous!!

  2. Ron Wallace
    Ron Wallace at |

    As Rachel’s father, I was so happy to see and read your blog. She has worked harder than anyone can imagine to be able to get to this position in her life. I am so proud of her and love her so much. Thank you for focusing on her specifically and creating a beautiful blog.

  3. Chantel Elder
    Chantel Elder at |

    Aww, Ron that is such a sweet comment! She was so much fun to photograph and I ment every word of that blog!

  4. Valeriejeanne Anderson
    Valeriejeanne Anderson at |

    Hi Chantel,

    You did a wonderful job on my granddaughter’s photos and story. We are all very proud of Rachel and her accomplishments.

    Proud Grandmom Val

  5. Rachel Goldmark
    Rachel Goldmark at |

    Thinking back when I first met you, I never thought you would be a culinary master of delectable treats. When I met you again years later, I dont think I could think of anything that would suit you better. I am so proud of you… and I am SUPER lucky that I get to be an official taste tester when you drop me treats on your way home. You are awesome and a beautiful professional woman. Thanks Chantel for allowing other people to see it too! Great article.

  6. Stephanie Romero
    Stephanie Romero at |

    This is awesome!! Congratulations Rachel! I am so proud of you and they truly could not have picked a better person to write this about! And the pictures of you are beautiful! You look sooo cute in the main pic!! I love you lady!

  7. Mark Franken
    Mark Franken at |

    WOW! This is really a GREAT article. Congratulations Rachel. Keep up the hard work.

    Mark & Beverly Franken
    Friends of your parents and Uncle Randy & Aunt Nedra.

  8. Randy Wallace
    Randy Wallace at |

    it is so neat to see and read things about Rachel.. Very very proud of her to say the least.

  9. Jennifer - Sacramento Wedding Photography

    I’m going to Ella TONIGHT for one of Rachel’s fab desserts! Great post, Chantel!


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