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  1. Chantel Elder
    Chantel Elder at |

    I totally am engaged to a groomzilla too! He is specific with colors and venues and …well everything! Good Luck in all your planning at least we know that we are marrying men that are “involved”. :)

  2. laura braden
    laura braden at |

    I love your wedding escapades – keep them coming! I can relate, the bfriend loves to have a say in how we decorate, what we hang on the walls and where. But I don’t think it’s a deep interest because he has no interest in shopping for these items, I think he just likes to voice his opinion. :)

    Good luck and keep drinking the complimentary champagne (the only thing good about all these wedding meetings with vendors. and if they’re not offering free champagne, it’s time to fire them)!

  3. Caroline Silveira
    Caroline Silveira at |

    Um, that is possibly the most hilarious article I’ve seen here! I was going to pick as my favorite part the Stable of BARBIEs (as I was LOLing at my desk), but there are so many great comments here! I was not a happy camper when my last boyfriend was so opinionated on how to decorate my Christmas Tree. He pouted about traditional red and green and acted like I was ruining his childhood memories because I wanted neutral gold and silver. I was like, “Can’t you just be a dude and not care?” But I gave in and now all I’m left with are a bunch of ugly red and green ornaments. But, enough about me! It is a good sign that he cares about the celebration of your marriage. I can’t believe you denied the man a strapless gown!


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