Lisa Wrightsman

WHY? Lisa (and co-coach Tiffany Fraser) has almost single-handedly taken SSUSA’s curriculum and made it accessible for formerly-homeless women, most of whom are recovering from addiction. Wrightsman started the Salamanders about three years back. Since then, she and Fraser have been instrumental in bringing street soccer to formerly homeless women throughout the United States. They coach the Lady Salamanders throughout the year, raising enough funding to bring the team to the national championship in New York, and then serve as coaches for the US women’s national team in the Street Soccer World Cup–held anywhere from Mexico to Poland to Brazil. Both women have day jobs, Lisa as a student services administrator at Asher College and Tiffany as an account executive at The Johnson Group, Inc (she manages the Rapid Ramen Cooker)–and then tack on another 40 hours/week for the Salamanders endeavor.


–3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE SACRAMENTO? Sunny, mellow and potential.

–FAVE LOCAL CAUSE? Aside from Sport for Social Change, I am always going to favor mental health and addiction rehab programs. I know that these programs don’t always work for everyone, but when they do work, people can change their lives, it has a positive impact on the community, it provides a ‘pay it forward’ mentality and gives hope to the people who become afflicted by mental illness and addiction. It so important that there is hope when there is adversity.

–WHICH SACRAMENTO WOMAN INSPIRES YOU? Right now I have been following and super impressed with Doris Matsui (especially after watching House of Cards). I actually love the campaign “When Women Succeed America Succeeds” and and I think it is great that she is advocating for women (and our community) and is really taking a huge step in acknowledging the barriers that most women have in their pathway to success.

–WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE IN SACRAMENTO IN 5 YEARS? More housing and shelters for the homeless, it would be a great accomplishment for everyone in our community to have a roof over their head. I also want that MLS soccer team here with a stadium!

–FAVORITE SACRAMENTO “GUILTY PLEASURE”? Tower Cafe’s french toast and espresso.

–IF I WASN’T IN MY CURRENT CAREER… I have no idea… I m sure it would come back to soccer to somehow.

–LADY MENTOR GROWING UP? My Mom. Through all of her hardships and challenges she has experienced she has never stopped working hard. Even when she was unsure of what the outcome might be, or if her hard work seemed like it was not being rewarded the way she expected it to, she just kept pushing. Her resilience has provided many people especially myself, many opportunities and it also showed me that if you just keep pushing, there will be resolve.

–BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? Don’t be afraid to be magnificent. (Scott Syphax)

–ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’D GIVE TO A SACRAMENTO WOMAN IN HER 20’S? Don’t be afraid to be magnificent.

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