Lisa Murphy, Editor

Lisa Murphy, Consultant, California State Senate

Since moving to Sacramento in 2008, I have lived and worked on the grid and find it to be the perfect place for a young professional, to work, live, love and grow. I’m a yogi for life, Sacramento proud, fitness oriented, but also a big proponent of Netflix and chill and I LOVE churros. I festival dance like its going out of style and will rock a crop top any chance I get. I’m addicted to #shoppinglocal, especially at Krazy Mary’s. I also have been diagnosed with an incurable case of 90’s nostalgia.

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Sacramento guilty pleasure: It was Jimmer but now he’s in the D league so…the Churro cart off of Del Paso Blvd, they make them fresh on the spot!

Dream Job: Coffee shop owner and Yoga Instructor

In a past life I was probably: Jane Austen’s cat

In the next life I want to be: A Broadway Star

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