Kim Alexander

WHY Kim wrote a blue-grass sounding Proposition Song in 2010 that was played on NPR, and then (this year) wrote a letter to Pete Seeger that turned out to be Pete’s last fan response. He sent a letter back to Kim in late January only a day before he died. This story was also presented on NPR last month. Kim also has organized monthly music sessions at Old Ironsides drawing 20-30 local musicians for a 3 hour jam session. Her idea is to make people feel comfortable playing and singing as a social outlet no matter their level of skill or talent. Kim brings the pleasure of music to many in our community.


–3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE SACRAMENTO? Friendly, accessible and easy-going.

–FAVE LOCAL CAUSE? The Chalk it Up! festival – it brings businesses and artists together to create beautiful public art that every one can enjoy in a public place while raising money for youth art programs.

–WHICH SACRAMENTO WOMAN INSPIRES YOU? My friend Catherine O’Brien. She is such a go-getter. She led the successful effort to re-open Southside Park Pool, just completed her first personal documentary film, plays the accordion, hosts fabulous parties and is truly an inspiration.

–WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE IN SACRAMENTO IN 5 YEARS? I would love to see some of the streets within the Grid, such as 20th Street between T and C, blocked off from cars and turned into bike and pedestrian thoroughfares.

–FAVORITE SACRAMENTO “GUILTY PLEASURE”? Going out with my husband on our bikes for Sunday afternoon beers, either at New Helvetia, Track 7, Dad’s, or the patio at Hook and Ladder.

–IF I WASN’T IN MY CURRENT CAREER… I considered going into journalism or academia earlier on in my career – but at this point if I were doing something else it might be related to cooking, teaching music or event planning. Those are the things that interest me and/or where I have some marketable skills.

–LADY MENTOR GROWING UP? My mom. She and my dad both worked full time while raising three kids and keeping busy in community activities. My father was on the Culver City City Council for 16 years and both my parents were very involved in civic affairs and local politics. My mom raised her daughters to be independent, have careers and make our own way in the world. As a junior in college I first heard the term “MRS degree” and I had no idea what it meant – I didn’t realize that some women only aspired to marry someone wealthy who would take care of them. That idea was completely foreign to me and I’m grateful to my mom for raising me the way she did. She also taught me to stand up for what is right, and set a great example in that regard as well.

–BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? It’s from my Grandma Tybee, who liked to remind me that “Life is a confidence game”.


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