Kelly Rathburn Conroy

Kelly Rathburn Conroy, regional coordinator with the Sacramento Tree Foundation

I’m a northern Californian through and through and have spent most of my life in Sacramento. I’m a writer, an adventurer, a pit bull lover, and a dirt biker. I have a soft spot for whiskey and cheap wine and love to dress up for a night out (even if it does take a team of friends to curl my chronically straight hair). I’m currently learning to navigate through adulthood as an East Sac homeowner and soon-to-be wife but would rather spend my time daydreaming about my next travel adventure.

Hometown: Sacramento

Sacramento guilty pleasure: Farmers’ Market pastries filled with cream cheese.

If Mayor Johnson ever asked: Where are all of our public recycle bins?

Dream Job: Getting paid to travel and write about it.

In a past life I was probably: A Buddhist.

In the next life I want to be: The pioneer woman, Ree Drummond.

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