Kellie Edson

Kellie Edson, Childbirth Educator at Sacramento Childbirth Choices and Kaiser South Sacramento

I am a mom of one baby girl born in February 2014. Wife to an Amtrak Engineer. Other things that appear on my way long list of “Things I do” include: Zumba Instructor, Assistant at Zuda Yoga & Yoga Moves Us, Podcast Host at The Postpartum Podcast, Volunteer Doula at Sutter Davis. Oh yeah, and I still teach Piano, play softball, write a lot and try to have a life. I love reading, musicals and yoga. Need to know more?

Hometown: Truckee, CA (also know as “on the way to Reno”, “near Tahoe”, and my least favorite – “The Snow”)

Sacramento guilty pleasure: Winter: Ginger Elizabeth Hot Chocolate Summer: Ginger Elizabeth Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich.

If Mayor Johnson ever asked: This new arena better bring us some kick ass concerts!

Dream job: I’m kind of living it these days with Birth Work, but I’d also like to add Yoga teacher and author to the list.

In a past life I was probably: Well, according to the crazy vet my husband used to work with (who claimed he could read past lives)…I apparently died on a submarine in WWII and that’s why I’m afraid of being underwater … and before that I was a nun, so that’s why I have a good conscience. Creepy weird? Yes. But also totally true.

In the next life I want to be: On Broadway.

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