Karen Soell

Favorite Sacramento Cause? Anti-Recidivism Coalition. They do amazing work that supports incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth. Look them up and read about them!

Favorite spot on Sacramento’s grid? The Rind. They know the way to a Wisconsin girl’s heart (lots of cheese). They have a great wine list to pair with the charcuterie as well.

Three Fun Facts Most People Don’t Know?
–I had a Saint Bernard dog growing up who always weighed more than I did and who would dig me out of snow piles in the backyard when I was young.
–My house got struck by lightening when I was little and it caused so much destruction it looked like my house was bombed. (We had to move out for almost a year so they could repair it).
–I grew up playing John Madden on Sega Genesis in elementary school and I’ve loved football ever since (GO BLUE!).

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