Jordan Venema

Favorite Sacramento Cause? Sacramento Steps Forward. This non profit takes a proactive approach to solving issues of homelessness on a case-by-case scenario, and by treating each individual with dignity. Ultimately, the homeless are one of the most misunderstood demographics in any city, and a community that is often dehumanized. Yet each person has their own story, and as individuals, the homeless need advocates that treat them as equals. SSF does this.

Favorite spot on Sacramento’s grid? This is a toss up for me. I live near Southside Park, which is a regular haunt for me and my son. I love its history and cultural diversity, and more than any other location on the grid, this park seems to attract all types: dog walkers, skate punks, Chinese women doing calisthenics in the morning, city employees walking around its perimeter during their lunch break, and homeless men smoking on benches. There’s a little bit for everybody.

Otherwise, if we’re going by time spent, I’m regularly at Old Soul at Weatherstone on 21st Street. The cafe is essentially my office, and the baristas (bless their souls) tolerate me.

Three Fun Facts Most People Don’t Know?
–I’m not that picky, but I pretty much hate any fruit that begins with the letter P. Especially pineapple. Hawaiian pizza is a waste of pizza.
–In the heat of a moment, I have a knack for mixing up idioms, like ‘beating around the dead horse,’ or ‘beating a bush to death.’ Some writer, yeah?
–I’ve traveled to quite a few countries, and I’ve taught myself a handful of languages, like Japanese and Swahili, just so I can better barter at the local markets.

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