John Wenger

John Wenger – 27 – Legislative Aide, Sloat Higgins Jensen and Assoc.

WHY? John is a gentlemen and a scholar, and always full of fun charisma. He has quite the sense of humor. He’s a modern day Don Draper with his fine taste in suits and cigars. John also enjoys the beautiful Sacramento luxuries of being able to hit the links year round or carve up the slopes of Tahoe. Ladies, if his big blue eyes haven’t already, his love for his family, especially his mom and his sister will make you melt. John works hard and plays hard. He is a legislative aide around the Capitol, while also completing his master’s degree at night. He will bring down the house with his energy or karaoke skills on any given weekend. But seriously, his momma raised him right, and he is smart, handsome, and fun! Scoop him up ladies!

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