Jennifer Galenti

Favorite Sacramento Cause? Donating to the Sacramento Blood Source! I saw first-hand that donating blood does, in fact, save lives. My nephew spent the first 3 months of his life in the hospital, underwent two surgeries and three blood transfusions. Without someone’s donation, he might not have lived. It’s the most selfless gift you could give.

Favorite spot on Sacramento’s grid? My favorite spot has to be the Sunday Farmers Market under the freeway. It’s the best part of my Sunday, rain or shine! I love all the people, fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. Everything tastes better from the Farmers Market.

Three Fun Facts Most People Don’t Know?
–I have a pair of socks for every Holiday!
–I’ve seen every 90210 episode at least two times (ok maybe three, but who’s counting besides Dylan McKay).
–I’m one of three Buffalo Bills fans in Sacramento.

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