Jeff Maher

Jeff Maher – 33 – Reporter/Anchor at News10

WHY? Jeff is a kind, sweet and gentle man who’s smile lights up the world. He deserves a very special lady, and has been holding out for the right one for quite some time. Jeff is seen daily on News10, and his exploits and adventures of the single life are often discussed and joked about on the 9am show, where he has a regular feature known as ‘Maher’s Moments’. But all jokes aside, when the lights and cameras are off, he spends most of his time alone, and lives in a place that lacks the warmth and embrace of a well-rounded woman. He spends his weekends walking along the Sacramento River, playing craps in Tahoe, and often visits the neglected cats up for adoption at Petsmart. Jeff is an animal lover, but is also a strong advocate for health and fitness. One of his favorite things to do is to sit by the pool at the Hyatt downtown with a big bowl of freshly cut strawberries. Jeff is a third-generation television broadcaster, and loves to entertain and make people laugh. He recently did a segment with the Sacramento Kings dance team where he led the girls in a routine that included an ‘upside-down twerk’. He’s also taken on the Harlem Globetrotters a number of times, and has done a lot of segments that involve fitness, eating right, and fun workouts. When it comes to dating, Jeff is very selective of who he spends his time with. He’s one of those who truly is waiting for that diamond in the rough.

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