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  1. Christine
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    I am a office professional that works a 8-5 job Monday through Friday but i’m also in my mid-twenties. I work downtown and I live in midtown at 21st and P. I am surrounded by bars and live next door to one. Most weeknights the bar next door has live performances and it gets loud. When the bars close down then I get the inebriated patrons wandering the streets. Occasionally I get parking lot party’s that set up in the parking lot that’s right by my bedroom. Usually I just ask the people to move and if they aren’t cooperative I call the cops who are very responsive.

    The bottom line is I knew what I was getting into when I moved here and I love it. The positives greatly outweigh the negatives. I think Sacramento Midtown area is finally catching up to other large cities. But I know that when I’m ready to have a family I will be moving out of midtown. But for now in this stage of my life I appreciate everything midtown living offers.

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    I’m proud of the steps midtown Sacramento is taking to provide arts, culture, good food and entertainment to its residents and visitors. Perhaps the cultivation of the city proper isn’t to blame for DUIs and alcohol-related crashes, but the lack of investment in vital and necessary public transportation – and idiots who drive under the influence. Keep growing, Sacramento, NIMBYs be damned.

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