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    Back in the 70s, before Lavender Heights was Lavender Heights, two of the four bars on 21st Street were prime hetero places for prime pickings. What’s now the Mercantile was Greener’s Pub. Faces was Ciro’s. If you couldn’t score girl-boy sex at either place, you were in a fog of body odor, had flecks of spinach on your front teeth, and a visible case of herpes or leprosy. The nearby Distillery was for the Geritol Generation. Upstairs from the Distillery was short-lived place with the unfortunate name of Rattlesnake Dick’s. Or maybe Rattlesnake Dicks. Anyway, I sold my 3/4 length leather coat, my Ringo cap, and gave my paisley shirts and bell bottom pants to Goodwill years ago. Now I wear khaki pants up to here, old sweatshirts, and complain about the government when not yelling at kids to get off my lawn. Age is not your friend.


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