Heather Wright

Favorite Sacramento Cause? There are so many good causes it’s difficult to choose just one, but The River City Theatre Company stands out as a cause that meets my favorite criteria… youth-focused, intergenerational involvement/exposure, skill building, provides a sense of family/community/accountability – all while providing an affordable theater arts experience to local audiences.

Favorite spot on Sacramento’s grid? I adore the Shady Lady for its retro vibe, always tasty Old Cuban, and live jazz music. The upstairs deck at Kupros runs a close second (or tie!) for weekend brunch.

Three Fun Facts Most People Don’t Know?
–Between the Shady Lady and Station 1, we have these amazing new live jazz clubs in our area, which go perfectly with the cool vintage clothes at Cheap Thrills… To tie it all together, I’ll be taking Lindy Hop / swing dance lessons at Midtown Stomp. Lessons every Friday!
–As a welcome contrast to the M-F office job, I’ve been working part-time at Miner’s Leap Winery in Clarksburg. Such a fun way to spend some hours… pouring good wine, visiting with happy people, and enjoying the gorgeous scenery.
–In 2017-18, I’m going on an around-the-world trip of a lifetime!

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