Laura Braden Quigley, Co-Founder and Advisor

Laura Braden Quigley

Self-proclaimed “connector” (see Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell) that’s also proclaimed Sacramento my adopted hometown. I can’t get enough travel in my life, and I’m always down for dance parties/field trips/adventures. I firmly believe you can judge a person’s character based on how they treat dogs. In my spare time, I nerd out on Game of Thrones, Netflix documentaries, yoga, my Flipboard app and beach-cruising-while-day-drinking throughout the grid.

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

If the Mayor ever asked: Excellent work on the new downtown arena – now let’s build the Sacramento Public Market, rooftop bars and fill K/J Streets with local businesses. Oh, and a Nugget Market in Midtown would be awesome, too.

Sacramento guilty pleasure: Pushing the limits of “dog-friendliness” with Betty White Braden.

Dream job: Exactly what I’m doing.

In a past life I was probably: Edith Piaf or Janis Joplin

In the next life I want to be: Oprah

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  1. Sonya Silva says

    Hi Laura-
    My name is Sonya Silva I am the Community Manager for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. I was given your name by a mutual acquaintance Christie Goodfellow.
    I would love to see if I might be able to set up a time to meet with you and talk to you about our event and a new initiative we have coming this year, Christie thought you might be a great resource.
    I hope you are interested in learning more.
    My direct line is 916.561.2927
    Thank you
    Sonya Silva

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