Friendly Neighborhood Bartender at OneSpeed

Proud dog mom of the cutest American Bulldog and girlfriend to the most handsome ginger to walk the streets of East Sac, cruelty free makeup advocate and closet organizer extraordinaire- I love watching the trees turn orange and making the Fall trek to Apple Hill. I honestly think if my dog doesn’t like you then I probably shouldn’t either (he knows these things) and that you should always offer your guests the last beer even though you are secretly hoping they decline and you can drink it.

Hometown: Garden Valley, CA (no you’ve never been there)

Sacramento guilty pleasure: Sactown Union Brewing (try the kolsch…no really…do it) and snowcones from Osaka Ya.

Dream job: Event Coordinator for Nike Training Club (seriously who wouldn’t want to organize city-wide workouts all over the country?)

In a past life I was probably: A barmaid doubling as a spy for Continental Army

In the next life I want to be: The owner of the diviest gin bar you can find.

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