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By Ashley Robinson

October is the best month of the year. I mean, how amazing was it when it was 100 degrees one day, and a crisp 76 the next? It was like Mother Nature finally let out a deep breath and the world sprung to life with golden leaves and bright blue skies and white fluffy clouds and a soft breeze … and yes, I love October.

But what makes this month particularly important is the celebration of the year’s best holiday: Halloween. I am a fiend for it. I spend the entire month trying to find scary books, watching scary movies – even ones like “The Others” and “The Sixth Sense” in which the ending makes up the whole point of the movie – and going places that embrace the Halloween spirit.

Here are some of my suggestions to get into the holiday spirit in the Sacramento area.

Callson’s Manor in Roseville (LINK)

I went here for the first time last year, and while my friends and I got lost on the Placer County Fair Grounds (which was actually terrifying as it reminded me of home, not in a good way), the mini theme park may lure me back again this year. It’s comprised of tented horror houses, each with its own level of terror –  which, as I recall, was fairly accurate in its estimation. Some of that stuff was crazy scary – the actors in the tents had amazing costumes, the obstacles were f-ing creepy, and all five of your senses were on alert, as advertised. This is also a fun place to bring kids, but for those of us kid-unfriendly, I didn’t think children running around overwhelmed my experience. I highly recommend this as a group outing, if y’all are ok with the drive out of Midtown.

Bobby Dazzler’s Pumpkin Patch (LINK)

I know, I already written about this Davis/Woodland retreat, but my admiration of this place was confirmed by a friend who said it was the best pumpkin patch she had ever been to (let’s ignore the fact that it was the ONLY pumpkin patch she’d ever been to). It’s not tacky. It’s not loaded with bells and whistles. It’s just heirloom pumpkins – a massive variety of them, and not a lot of crowds. I recommend heading there just before sunset, when the fields are gold, the lighting is just right, and you feel like you’ve left it all behind for pumpkin scavenging.

Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm (LINK)

As an alternative to the grown-up Bobby Dazzler’s, Bishop’s out in Wheatland – another trek, my friends (I scour the region for Halloween, I tell ya) is the opposite of Bobby Dazzler’s. It’s got the train, and the Halloween village, and the corn maze, and tons of children running around. It’s a much more festive environment.

Old City Cemetery Lantern Tour (LINK)

Hahaha, I’m only adding this because I want to gloat. This tour is SOLD OUT, folks, and this is the first year I was fast enough to get tickets. Tickets go on sale the beginning of September and sell out within three weeks. It’s insane. Basically, a cemetery volunteer – in Victorian costume! – leads a group of people through the cemetery – which, seriously, is my favorite place to sit and think and be alone in Sacramento, it’s just so gorgeous – and tell the weary woes of death, disease, and demise in historic Sacramento. I am so looking forward to it. Don’t worry, I’ll write up a report after so you can all be jealous.

Old Sacramento Ghost Tour (LINK)

Ok … this tour needs a lot of work. My parents came up for this, and they thought it was cheesy. HOWEVER, I am still recommending it! I recommend it because it was the only time I was in Old Sac and I wasn’t completely pissed off and annoyed by all the tourists lurking around. The tour is late at night, you get to see some of the old buildings all lit up, and the stories – the real ones – are interesting. Plus, I will say the creepiest part of the tour is the first in Eagle Theater, which I felt the most ghostly presence.

Ghost Adventures: Sacramento (LINK)

As my husband can tell you, I have an unhealthy obsession with this show. I would watch re-runs of this every night if I didn’t have to share the TV. Zak, Nick, and Aaron – the three Ed Hardy stooges of this Travel Channel show – took on Old Sacramento’s ghosts with this episode, and I have to say, it’s fun to watch. They go underground (which I have yet to do, thank you Old Sacramento Historic Foundation for making those tours so accessible to the public … not), they investigate the old court house, and they got great evidence in the Eagle Theater (see! told you it was haunted).

Other events I have yet to do – anyone got good intel on them?

For more event ideas, check out the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau’s website.

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