Kristen Flowers

I’m a radio gypsy having lived all over the United States! I started my radio career in California then it took me to Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Indiana and now I am back home ! I am obsessed with all things that come out of England and in my free time I am working on my novel, doing knitting or crafting projects and watching Game of Thrones or reruns of How I Met Your Mother while playing with my three cats.
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Sacramento Guilty Pleasure: The Paradise Waffle at Four Sisters. SO YUMMY! I can’t get enough of it.
If Mayor Johnson ever asked: I would totally accept the key to the city!
Dream Job: An author
In a past life I was probably: A therapist! Everyone always comes to me for advice.
In the next life I want to be: An artist. I love to be creative but I can’t draw.

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