Emily Wang

Emily Wang – 33 – Environmental Scientist, CalRecycle

WHY? Emily’s inquisitive mind, adventurous spirit and wicked sense of humor make her the ideal companion for road trips, international travel, or a night out on the town. I’m speaking from experience, as she has been my go-to gal for all three, and many other adventures in between. When we traveled to Peru together, I relied on her Spanish skills and her ability to strike up a conversation with just about anybody to navigate us through the country. She is a loyal and supportive friend, and can always be counted on for a sympathetic ear or an emergency pick-up if a friend is in need. She throws a mean dinner party, and some of my favorite Sacramento memories are of chatting with Emily in her kitchen as she cooks up a delicious meal. I can’t think of anybody who has met Emily who hasn’t been charmed by her; there’s just something about that sparkling smile that’s irresistible. Anybody would be lucky to have her in their life.

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