Chelsea Irvine

Chelsea Irvine is a Sacramento gal all the way.

A legislative analyst at local governmental advocacy firm Aaron Read & Associates for going on five years, I also get to work my public relations magic at ARA’s sister company, Marketplace Communications, which hit the ground running three years ago.

Hometown: Born in The OC, I transplanted to Sac as a toddler, so I consider myself a native.

Sacramento guilty pleasure: Early afternoon Friday happy hours after busy workweeks, a nice glass of wine on my makeshift patio overlooking the 99/80/50 interchanges (I’ve mastered the art of pretending it’s the ocean) and taking the beach cruisers out looking for trouble on sunny weekends.

If Mayor Johnson ever asked: Can we get serious about that Oak Park makeover? Every neighborhood in Sac deserves to be wonderful, and my neighbors in OP are no exception.

Dream job: Being Samantha Brown. Travelling the world, hanging with the locals and getting paid for it? Sign me up!

In a past life I was probably: A writer of incredibly successful novels. In this life I lack the patience and the time.

In the next life I want to be: An ambassador to far off countries in need of being heard. Or maybe a winery owner.

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  1. Tony Geinzer says


    I am curious if Sacramento is serious about being a Pro Sports True Expansion in my future? Would having a Pro Sports 1st Division Neighbor help the Kings or hinder them?

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