In the Sac w/ Jamie and Patrick

In the Sac with Patrick and Jamie: Meeting the Parents

By Patrick Harbison and Jamie Romas Dear Jamie and Patrick, This weekend is a big one for me and my significant other – we’re both meeting the other’s parents. Any tips or advice to help ensure it’s not a total disaster? Thanks, Beth M. from Tahoe Park So you’re meeting the parents? Congrats! Things are […]


In the Sac with Patrick and Jamie: Texting and Dating

Dear Jamie and Patrick, My crush keeps asking me to hang out via text. Are his intentions less that respectful or am I being paranoid? Thanks, Lindsey P. from Midtown Jamie Says: Once, there was a time when asking someone out via text message was considered tacky, immature and downright disrespectful. Back then, the world had […]


In the Sac with Patrick and Jamie: Office Romances

Dear Patrick and Jamie, I’ve found a guy that I’m totally into – smart, ambitious and funny. Problem is, he works in my office. Is it ever cool to date someone from work? Thanks, Anna C. from Curtis Park PATRICK’S TAKE: In my experience, office hookups are unavoidable – like the expired yogurt in your […]