Intentions of a Perpetual Dieter

Sun and Soil – 1 Day Juice Cleanse

By Kearsten Shepard Sun and Soil Juice Company is located at 1912 P Street. (Website, Facebook) Sun and Soil Juice Company on 19th and P offers a one day juice cleanse. I’d never done a juice cleanse before and I have now done this one twice.  The first time was just a few weeks ago before […]


Now Open in Midtown Sacramento: Humani Pilates 

By Laura Braden If you’re like me, your inbox is littered with fitness Groupon and Living Social deals that are redeemed a handful of times and then abandoned far before their 30-day special expires. So when you find a fitness routine that you adore and actually look forward to…you grab on and hold tight. Enter […]


Carless for Four Years and L-O-V-I-N-G It

By Laura Braden (Updated from May 19, 2010) A few questions… Do you live on the grid? Do you work on the grid? Do you have children? Did you know you can burn approx 280 calories an hour during a light bike ride? If you answered yes to #1 and 2 – and no to […]


Peel’d Cleanse or: How I learned to Stop Eating Bacon and Love Juicing

By Brianna Nathan I’ll be the first to tell you I love food. My diet generally consists of comfort food, ridiculous amounts of pork, and baked goods for DAYS (oh, and don’t forget the bourbon). That said, no one was more surprised than I when I signed up for a week-long cleanse from Sacramento’s very […]


I’m Shamrock’n It — Are You?

By Erica Root Last Thanksgiving I ran my first 10K. While the light training I had done in preparation hadn’t endeared me to running, it had succeeded in making me want to pursue something a little more challenging: a half marathon. I briefly mentioned this interest to a few co-workers and before I knew it, we were signed […]


U Barre: Raising the “Barre” in East Sac

By Kearsten Shepherd Since moving to East Sacramento a little over a year ago I’ve been searching for a new gym. In my former suburban neighborhood I had a plethora of fitness choices ranging from the national chains, to the small independents, as well as boot camp and cross fit groups that met at the neighborhood […]


GOTG Favorites: Getting Healthy in 2014

New series by Girls on the Grid where we give shout out’s to our favorite [INSERT CATEGORY] around Sacramento. We love to support our local entrepreneurs and businesses. Please feel free to leave your recommendations or suggest categories by leaving a comment below! AMY: I’m working on being more diligent about rest days and taking […]


I, Beefcake

By Michelle Kennedy I had a real Bridget Jones moment today. I got dizzy in spinning class and almost fell off my bike. The problem is, my feet were clipped into the pedals so I couldn’t really go anywhere. To catch myself, I naturally grabbed onto the gal next to me, scaring the shit out […]


Let’s Get Tactical

By Chelsea Irvine I’ve previously written for Girls on the Grid singing my praises for Innovative Strength and Conditioning (2703 5th Street) (Facebook), my newfound home-away-from-home. These days, I see my gym family more than I see my actual family. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined getting up before the crack of dawn […]


Wanderlust-ing in Squaw Valley

By Kira Rasmussen What is Wanderlust (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)? It’s a four-day festival of yoga, nature and music that takes place in different cities throughout the Americas. Last month, I went to Wanderlust California at Squaw Valley in Tahoe – but it’s also hosted annually in Oahu, Chile, Vermont, Colorado, Whistler, Austin and Tremblant (Quebec). From […]


How I Became a NorCal Hippie

By Lisa Murphy The other day I found myself at a Trader Joe’s in East Sacramento wearing Toms, a Yoga Seed Collective sweatshirt and a sterling silver lotus charm around my neck. It occurred to me that at the ripe old age of 27 I had become that woman I used to make fun of; the person […]


TEAMride – One Helluva Ride

By Laura Braden, Chantel Elder and Jamie Romas We’ve tried a lot of fitness fads. Half-marathon? Check (ok, for Jamie and Chantel). 30 days of Bikram yoga? Check (ok, Laura only went to 3 classes). Golf classes? Jamie is all over it. So when we heard about a studio offering only spinning classes, our response wavered from […]


My 100 Day Raw Food Challenge

By Brandy Neth If any of you have ever completed a 100 day challenge of any kind, you know this process is intense, exciting, exhilarating, scary, sad and rewarding all at the same time. I’ve completed two 100-day challenges in my life, and I don’t regret either experience. For my most recent challenge, I decided […]


Adult Recess in Sacramento

By Laura Braden I don’t want to jinx the amazing weather, but it appears that Spring has sprung in Sacramento. And with bikini season around the corner, it’s time to re-commit to some sort of exercise routine. As much as I love yoga, it’s hard to justify sweating out the demons in a dark studio when […]


Neiman Marcus’s Delusional Body Image

By Amy Thoma I’m not normally one to yell about body image or media/retailer’s responsibility to make me feel good about myself. Sure, like any other girl I feel bad about some body part or feature just about every day, but I work out at least six days a week, eat healthy and look better […]


Back on the Wagon with Action Boot Camps

By Kelly Conroy It’s no secret that the holidays can turn your dietary lifestyle into a feeding frenzy. Somewhere between the gravy and the pecan pie, you lose your will power and gain 10 pounds. Usually, I’ll start at Halloween and eat my way through my New Year’s kiss. I then have like 3 months […]