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10 Gifts Under $10 for Kiddos

By Molly DeFrank My daughter turned four last month. When my husband and I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and braced ourselves (and our wallets) for Disneyland or a pony. She responded quickly, “I want to go to Sonic! And can we please eat in the car?!” Yes, my child. Yes, we […]


The Toddler Run

By Robin Swanson I used to be an avid runner.  By “used to,” I mean before I was pregnant, before I had a baby, before I was sleep deprived and prior to acquiring an insufferable eye-twitch – one that the doctor has informed me is not, in fact, the result of a tumor, but is […]


The Leap

By Ashlee Gadd Everyone I know is having a second baby. Okay, not everyone, but basically everyone. I would name names but that’s awkward so I’ll just tell you that three of my friends just welcomed their second babies and four of my friends are pregnant with their second babies. C’mon now, that’s a lot of second babies. Naturally, every time I turn around, […]


Eight Signs You’re Officially A Grown-Up

By Molly DeFrank Remember when you were a kid and all grown-ups everywhere a.) knew and were friends with each other; b.) had the answers to everything; c.) were OLD? Guess what, suckers? That’s officially you now. Congratulations and welcome to the part of your life when “summer vacation” is just two cruel words reminding […]


Opt-In or Opt-Out … But Own Your Decision

By Ashley Robinson The recent article in The New York Times Magazine, “The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In,” hit closer to home than the publication’s usual articles do. (I guess I am migrating into that demographic now … sigh. Something I should just accept, perhaps.) The lengthy article examined the lives of women, who back in […]


How My FurKid Taught Me to Be a Great Parent

Editor’s Note: Ashley’s daughter (Ellis) was born this morning at 6:10 a.m. weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and 21in long. Everybody is happy and healthy, and we couldn’t be happier for her and husband Jeffrey Barker. Can’t wait to meet our newest addition to GOTG! By Ashley Robinson I’m about a week away from my scheduled […]


Working Moms: To Judge or Not to Judge?

By Lisa Page Two years ago this month, I returned to work after having my son and taking four months off. Some people acted like I was taking a sabbatical, but my “time off” was hard work. At the end of it, the highs and lows and every moment in between were a complete blur. […]


48 Hours With My 5 Year Old Nephew

By Kira Rasmussen Me: “Do you know what I have planned for you? You’re going to love it. We’re going to see a 3D movie!” Nephew: “At iMax? I don’t want to go. It’s too scary.” Well, Crap. So my nephew, Cole, from Seattle came to stay with us for two nights last week while […]


Things I’ve Learned From Being Pregnant

By Ashley Robinson Look people, I’m not the first woman to give birth on this planet, so I don’t pretend to be special in my experience. But here are some tips for the millions of ladies who will join the club at some point, tips they don’t tell you in “What To Expect When You’re […]


A Political Message: Please Don’t Call Me Preggers or Prego

By Ashley Robinson Just typing those words makes me want to hurl. And trust me, with this never-ending morning sickness over the past five months, I am done with hurling. You ask: Why do I hate those words – so innocuous, so precious – so much? Because no one ever says them naturally. It always […]


Help Rebuild the McKinley Park Playground!

By Amy Thoma This Friday all you girls (and guys!) on the grid have the chance to help rebuild the McKinley Park playground. Sadly, on July 29th the historic and beloved playground was torched in the early morning hours by an arsonist. Not to jump on my soapbox, but parks are an incredibly important part […]


Found: Places to Play Inside with the Kiddos this Summer

By Lisa Page When it’s so hot you could fry an egg outside, I’d much rather be inside with the air conditioner on. The problem is that I have a toddler who would prefer to spend every waking hour outside if I’d let him. With the summer heat out in full force, we’ve been on […]


From the Capitol to the Rabbit Hole

By Molly DeFrank A few months ago, I made a pretty radical career move. I turned down an offer to nearly double my old salary. Instead, I opted for a job with no salary at all.  A job with no benefits, no vacation days and terrible hours. I am a stay-at-home mom. The average itinerary […]


Baby Bonding – the Kindermusik Way

By Lisa Page The first time a friend asked if I’d been to a “Kindermusik” class, my first thought was my baby has five years to go until kindergarten, and my second thought was why does he need to go to a music class? I’m proud to say I’ve survived the last six months since […]


Checking Out the New Crocker for Kids

By Rachel Michelin I have always thought that the Sacramento region really needed a quality children’s museum.  Well, I found a gem that is a great asset to children living in our community. Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Crocker Art Museum to explore their new programs for kids – boy was I surprised!  I […]


Dear Santa: All I Want for Christmas is for My Two-Year Old to be Potty-Trained

By Rachel Michelin  That is exactly how my letter to Santa started this year.  No new purse, no new jewelry, not even a gift certificate to my favorite spa – all I really want is to stop changing diapers and wiping up pee from the floor (I should have bought stock in Clorox wipes!).  For […]