Carinne Binda

WHY? In 2012 she, along with her husband and Co-Artistic Director Ron Cunningham, were honored with the Life Time Achievement Award by the Sacramento Arts and Business Council, the first artists to receive the award. Carinne’s development and implementation of outreach and education programs have greatly enriched our community. Inside the Director’s Studio, 2nd Saturday, free in-studio performances, Living Sculpture in art galleries, Leaps and bounds, Send-a-Child to the ballet, as well as demonstrations at Shriner’s Hospital, Boys and girls clubs, Children’s Receiving Home, middle and high schools have made a major impact on the community. Carinne is one of those people who typically goes about doing the amazing things she does quietly in the background without thought to recognition or any public attention.


–Three words that describe Sacramento to you? Family Values, Community Assets, Career Opportunities

–Favorite local cause, and why? As Artistic Director of the Sacramento Ballet, it is important to me to engage children, the underserved, and the at-risk populations within our community using the powerful vehicle of dance as a catalyst for change.

–Which Sacramento woman inspires you the most and why? Barbara Crockett, the founder of the Sacramento Ballet. She is a true pioneer and a major reason, I came to Sacramento. Barbara brought ballet to this community 60 years ago and has nurtured generations of dancers. She continues to teach and inspire. We will be dedicating the 2014-2015 season to the 60th anniversary of her founding the Sacramento Ballet.

–What do you want to see in Sacramento in 5 years? A thriving Midtown centered around the E.Claire Raley Center for the Performing Arts. The Sacramento Ballet and the School of the Sacramento Ballet, is in a position to take a leadership role in making Midtown a hub of artistry, creativity, and community involvement. This is a perfect complement to the synergy around the arena and the redevelopment of downtown.

–Favorite Sacramento guilty pleasure? Dinner with friends at Tapa’s, French Fries at Tower with family, and Ice Cream at Vic’s with my children. No guilt, just pleasure!

–If you weren’t in your current career, what would you be doing? Why would I want to do anything else? My career is perfect! It allows me to do everything I consider important to human values. Any career I would be involved in would embrace making a difference in people’s lives, especially children. I believe dance has the capacity to inspire, nurture, cultivate, and motivate the human spirit.

–Growing up, which strong woman inspired you and why? This is the easiest question of all. It is, of course, my mother. My mother is a Belgian national who was born and raised in China. She speaks 5 languages and is highly accomplished in many forms of art. She spent three years as a prisoner in an internment camp during WWII. She immigrated to America with a dream and, as a single mom, built a successful business. She taught me resilience, adaptability, strength, courage, commitment, and passion.

–What is the best piece of advice you ever received? I have several answers to this question..
On est femme avant tout! (First you are a woman!) – (from my Mom)
Think twice, act once. (from my Husband)
Get over it, move on – (from my Children)
Illegitimi non carborundum! – (don’t let the bastards get you down!) – (from my Dad)

–What’s the one piece of advice you would give a 20 something Sacramentan woman? Imagine a better world and work daily to achieve it

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