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  1. Dalia
    Dalia at |

    Bravo Chantel! And the photos are stunning too. :)

  2. Jenni
    Jenni at |

    Amazing job!!!

  3. Robin Swanson
    Robin Swanson at |

    You are very brave ladies! Congrats to your successes – both mental and physical!

  4. Katie Leao
    Katie Leao at |

    Love it! You girls ROCK!!! Keep it up Sacramento! xoxo Minden Kaia Chick!

  5. Becca Warren
    Becca Warren at |

    Great pictures Chantel! You did amazing, everyone did! Thanks and keep up the great work girls. I love my Kaia girls.

  6. Jillaine Geddes
    Jillaine Geddes at |

    Nice work ladies! So inspirational! Keep up the good work! All the girls at Reno Kaia FIT!! :-))

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