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  1. Dalia
    Dalia at |

    OMG you had to mention Marie’s!!! My absolute favorite–miss the flat, square fritter! :(

  2. Nikki Warren
    Nikki Warren at |

    I can’t believe how far you Girls on the Grid have come! You really look great and are an amazing testimony to Kaia! Here’s to having the best of both worlds! Keep it up:))

  3. Casie Neitling
    Casie Neitling at |

    You girls have really rocked boot camp. It has been a blast and I KNOW that the six weeks off of the donuts & wine (which go great together by the way) have really paid “off” :) We are so lucky to have worked out with you at Kaia and hope that after a long weekend of fun, food, & cocktails that you’ll be back in and ready to get back on those plyo boxes!

    You guys are the best!

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