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  1. Angeline
    Angeline at |

    Love this…I am a die-hard football fan and take fantasy football very seriously (heck, I even beat my husband last year!). There is one other girl in our fantasy league. These are great tips!

  2. Becky
    Becky at |

    You go girl! I love it. I hope you win this year too!

  3. @firestarter_916
    @firestarter_916 at |

    I guess it’s ok that girls have an interest in fantasy football, or sports for that matter, as long as it’s genuine and not contrived. But I believe guys in general, at least ones man enough to admit it, aren’t all that turned on by girls who are TOO into sports. Girls who act too much like guys or who are too into guy things is a complete turn off. I mean girls, would you really be interested in a guy who could tell you what happened on Day of Our Lives this week or shares his favorite recipe with you? Guys and girls ARE different, and have different interests for a reason.

  4. SFChick74
    SFChick74 at |

    I too enjoy football. All the reasons you stated are great ones. Granted, I am never going to be as into it as a dude who has played the game, but it’s definitely fun to talk to guys about it. Plus, it reminds me of my childhood. My dad used to watch football all the time (and still does). There’s just something soothing about the sounds in the stadium.

  5. Chris
    Chris at |

    Love this! Everything you said about guys liking girls who know football and play fantasy is so true, not just because you know sports, but because you won’t bug the shit out of us on Sundays when we want to watch games. Now guys like me who like college football just need to get more girls involved in fantasy college football. Yeah, right.


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