Amber Stott


–3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE SACRAMENTO? Delicious, local and authentic.

–FAVE LOCAL CAUSE? Food literacy! It’s unthinkable that we live in a region that grows food for the world, yet many local kids don’t have access to the fresh fruits and veggies our farmers grow, and many first graders have never tasted a plum. Eating healthy is a human right. Knowing how to feed ourselves through the art of cooking is paramount. I want everyone to enjoy eating this way–no matter their budget! I’m grateful to the many local farmers who help bring the farm to our at-risk kids’ forks!

–WHICH SACRAMENTO WOMAN INSPIRES YOU? It’s hard to pick just one! Lisa Culp, executive director at Women’s Empowerment, is the real deal and a great mentor to me. She runs her program based on the outcomes that are best for the women she serves–and she digs in deep. She isn’t swayed to shift her program focus when funders shift theirs. You’ll find no “mission creep” there, no duplication of effort. She knows how to work at the community level and rally others around her cause. She builds lasting community partnerships. She’s smart, articulate, and knows when it’s time to stop and have a beer.

–WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE IN SACRAMENTO IN 5 YEARS? The Sacramento region already leads the nation in farmers markets and farm stands. I’m excited for a year-round, 7-day-a-week market. I’d love to see fresh produce stands expand to all neighborhoods. I want movie theaters to have bins of brightly colored fresh fruit instead of candy. I want the new Kings arena to build a rooftop garden and serve the amazing, healthy food grown by our farmers instead of processed junk food. And I want to see more cactus on the menu at restaurants and in school cafeterias! It’s such a wonderfully drought-tolerant vegetable, and one of my favorite foods.

–FAVORITE SACRAMENTO “GUILTY PLEASURE”? Spending an entire morning at the downtown farmers market, chatting with friends and farmers, tasting new foods, taking photos, exploring the wonder that is our local food system at its best!

–IF I WASN’T IN MY CURRENT CAREER… I love what I do–I created my dream job. If for some reason I was no longer able to do this, I would identify the next critical gap in our food system and try to tackle that. I am hard-wired to change the community and build meaningful programs. Our food system is my deepest passion.

–LADY MENTOR GROWING UP? My fairy god-sister. She didn’t stand for pretense, didn’t belong to any school cliques. She made friends with everyone, showed genuine interest in them, and was always cheerful. She was a real team player. She taught me how to shop at the thrift store, how to make a facial mask out of oatmeal, and while driving in the countryside, would always pull over for a sign that promised fresh, local honey or a haunted house.


–ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU’D GIVE TO A SACRAMENTO WOMAN IN HER 20’S? Get up every morning and head for your goal!

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