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  1. Melody
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    Thanks for visiting the Lost Coast. I feel it’s a forgotten treasure of California. I think most people think the state ends right above Santa Rosa.
    Anyway, I must add some of my favorite spots from my home county.
    Brio Cafe – smooth, delicious, artisan coffee, freshly dripped cup by cup. Melt-in-your-mouth croissants, dense yet delicious cream scones, European style breakfasts and sandwiches, it’s a dream. Also, if you need to pick up a loaf of artisan bread for dinner they have the best int he county, possibly the state.
    Golden Harvest is another breakfast place not to miss in both Arcata and Eureka. They have a wide variety of choices for both vegetarians and omnivores, and the best home made applesauce ever!
    No one should miss Lost Coast Brewery, the beers are as amazing and unique as the decor. There’s this Humboldt County tradition called the Kinetic Sculpture Race, the triathlon of the art work. Artists craft man-powered sculptures and over Memorial day weekend they race them from Arcata to Ferndale. Lost Coast Brew is owned by some Kinetic people and that’s reflected in the restaurant.
    Arts Alive is a wonderful night to be in Eureka, be sure to spend some time listening to the accordion player on the corner of 2nd and F streets, he’s my favorite.
    Fern Canyon is a wonderful day trip if you’re already in Humboldt, it’s North on 101. It’s where the Moon of Endor (Star Wars) was filmed as well as scenes from Jurassic Park.
    Thanks for giving my home county some love!

  2. Carl
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    I’ve been to Eureka almost every summer since I was 8. While I think you have done a great job with this article you have missed four of my favorite stops.

    1: The Crab Shack an amazing stop, an old fisherman with huge strong hands and the cliche thick black beard and yellow rain coat stands in front of a huge bubbling pot of water. Order a crab or two he chuckes them into the water pulls them out and drops them in a bag for you still wet and hot as hell. Love it!!


    2:Hmmm log rolls, if you don’t know what a log roll is drop by Partricks Candy in Eureka (or Anette’s Chocolate in Napa once the sister store to Partricks) and pick up a box.


    3: I’ve not been to Eureka with out a trip to the Samoa Cook house. Breakfast is normally my favorite meal with hot biscuit and gravy, if the happen to be serving it that day. You will be eating with what ever random strangers are places at your table with long tables and all you can eat, but you get what they bring you.



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