What I’ve Learned So Far: Cambi Brown

By the Editors

You likely recognize Cambi Brown (Facebook, Instagram) from Good Day Sacramento, where she’s INSERT since INSERT.

How do you define success? Personal fulfillment?

This probably sounds corny, but I define success by my family being proud of me.  That ultimately means I am paying for all my own bills, giving back to my community, and continuing to work on advancing in my career and putting money in savings.

What has been one of your most life-defining moments?

First day on air back in my hometown, December 2, 2012.  My mom was out of town so she couldn’t watch, but she texted that my Granddaddy was watching and started crying seeing me in his living room.  Definitely doesn’t get better than that!

What are your thoughts on work/life balance? 

I’m actually really bad about this because I feel like I have to always check my emails on my days off, since I work the weekends.  I have made it a goal to try not to be so connected to my email on those days and I have no problem letting people know I am working on my work/life balance.  Most people are supportive of that and even say they need to be better about that too.

What is your motto/personal credo?

Pretty is as pretty does.

Biggest challenge facing Sacramento in the next 5 years?

I have two, but I think they go hand in hand.  Homelessness and rising costs of rent and homes.  I see a lot of my friends who can’t buy a home.  I got lucky to get in when I could and start building equity.  As rent everywhere continues to increase, I fear we may see more homelessness and we already have a growing problem.

Latest Sacramento guilty pleasure? 

The new Button Up Boutique in the Ice Blocks.

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