What I’ve Learned So Far: Maria Bardet

By Megan MacNee

Maria Bardet is the Founder and CEO Humani Pilates Studio (Facebook, Instagram). She has spent most of her life moving from one city to another until she settled in Sacramento, almost 10 years ago. She made it her home after starting her business. Changing her career path multiple times, Maria has spent the last 4 years creating a thriving community at Humani and watching it grow into mindful space for people to move their body, and feed their sprit. Her biggest passion and driving force in life is for all of us to live authentically.

How do you define success? Personal fulfillment?

When I spend the majority of my time doing things that align with my core purpose.

What is the driving force in your life?

I really want people to be happy – which is up to each person to define it for themselves. I have an internal drive to help people (myself included) to figure out what were here to do, and just go and do it already.

What has been one of your most life-defining moments? 

There are a few, most of them involve going with my gut, and taking risks. The biggest one to date, is starting my own business.

What’s the biggest work-related lesson you’ve learned? 

Having a set of clearly defined principles is absolutely essential to making a company work. Thats how you find the right people for your team and the right clients.

What’s the biggest personal or health-related lesson you’ve learned? 

When theres no clear line between work and your personal life and when your workday completely blends together with the rest of your life, it brings its own type of challenges. Like, taking time for yourself to relax, recharge your battery, or just do nothing. You get so wrapped up in your work, you can get lost in it.

Biggest life lesson learned from a failure? 

Dont rush into things. Patience is difficult for me because I like to move a million miles a minute. Sometimes, the hardest thing for me to do is slow down and not take action.

What are your thoughts on work/life balance? Advice on how to achieve or what to focus on?

I hear this question a lot and Im always tempted to say, there is no such thing. What I really mean by that is that there is no perfect balancewhere everything fits into your day neatly. For me, balance is when I remember to refuel when I get really wrapped up in work. That means I have to stick to a meditation and workout routine, and get out of town once in a while to replenish my energy.

What’s been the most surprising thing about how your life/career turned out? (

When I decided to stop making 10 year plans, most things became surprising.

What do you value most in friendships?

Honesty and understanding. I have friends whom Ive been friends with for over 20 years, and our friendship survives because we try to understand where there other person is coming from even if we dont agree.

What do you wish someone had told you about marriage/committed relationships?

There are so many… Dont get married young. You will change, your partner will change. You have to be ok with that. You dont need your relationship to look like anyone elses. Make your own rules.

Its not that I wish someone should have told me these things (because I wouldnt have listened), but its that people need to see that valuable and rewarding relationships dont all look alike.

What is your most treasured experience?

My 10 day silent meditation Vipassana retreat.

Best advice you’ve received?

Dont compare someone elses middle to your beginning. Actually, just dont compare.

What would you tell your 16-year-old self?

Try as many things as you can. Dont make plans.  Start things and experiment often – you have plenty of time figure things out.

What is your motto/personal credo?

The only thing thats constant is change.

Biggest opportunity facing Sacramento in the next five years?

Business growth – supporting small businesses is the key to our economic growth and putting our city amongst the greatest. We have incredible talent here, motivated and passionate people and we have to give them opportunities to grow and thrive.

Biggest challenge facing Sacramento in the next five years?

We have to deal with problems like transportation, infrastructure, and homelessness, etc.. now instead of putting them off to the future, which will be more costly. In a growing city like Sacramento, we must have leaders who are innovative, forward-thinking, and willing to take action to grow the city the smart way. The way we develop the neighborhoods and set up our transportation infrastructure, will impact how our city will function in the future.

Latest Sacramento guilty pleasure? 

Not guilt here just pleasures – McKinley Park, American Rive Bike Trail, The Mill, and love my neighborhood – Oak Park.


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