What I’ve Learned So Far: Kimberly Cargile

By Laura Braden Quigley

Kimberly Cargile is a FORCE to be reckoned with. We’ve profiled her before (LINK), but I knew she had to be included in this series because her words are so powerful – and they actually lead to action. And progress.

Kimberly is a tireless advocate for the Sacramento community and cannabis industry. She runs one of my all-time favorite cannabis dispensaries in town, A Therapeutic Alternative. They have some of the most helpful and educated staff, and they also have some of the strictest quality standards to ensure safety and efficacy with their products.

Enjoy this trailblazer’s frank advice – and if you’d like to learn more about cannabis, join Kimberly at a FREE #WomenCann916 event focused on “Cannabis 101” on 4/19 at Antiquite Midtown from 6-8pm (Eventbrite) (Facebook group).

How do you define success? Personal fulfillment?

Success for me is knowing that I am making the world a better place for others.  The more people I can help be happier and healthier, the more successful I feel!

What is the driving force in your life?

The knowledge that I personally have the power to make real, substantial changes in the world.  Each of us have that power, but some of us will take it away from ourselves by believing that we don’t indeed have the power.

What has been one of your most life-defining moments?

In 2007 after filming medical cannabis patients testimonials all day, I woke up that night and realized that I had a responsibility to stand up for those patients that were too sick or too scared to stand up for themselves.

What’s the biggest work-related lesson you’ve learned?

There is always another side to the story.

What’s the biggest personal or health-related lesson you’ve learned?

Balance is key to EVERYTHING!

Biggest life lesson learned from a failure?

Success is much sweeter after a serious failure.

What are your thoughts on work/life balance? Advice on how to achieve or what to focus on?

It’s simple: stay in the moment.

What’s been the most surprising thing about how your life/career turned out?

That I am alive in a time that I get to see real change happening as it relates to my cause of legitimizing cannabis as medicine.

What do you value most in friendships?

Each person’s individuality.

What is your most treasured experience?

The birth of my son, Jude.

Best advice you’ve received?

Trust your intuition.

What historical figure do you most identify with? And why?

Mary Magdalene – she was a powerful woman who was misunderstood and misrepresented.

Fantasy dinner party scenario: you can invite five people (alive or not) – who do you invite?

Anias Nin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Madonna, Michelle Obama and Joan of Arc.

What would you tell your 16-year-old self?

Stay out of the sun. 🙂

Biggest opportunity/challenge facing Sacramento in the next 5 years?

From my perspective, the biggest opportunity is the tax dollars coming into the city from the cannabis industry. Our biggest challenge is simply weathering the storm of the current federal administration.

Latest Sacramento guilty pleasure?

Asha Urban Baths

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