Take Your Craft or Girls Night Up a Notch with Stencil & Co.

By Megan MacNee

Megan MacNee

When I knew I had my mom and sister coming into town one weekend I went on the lookout for a fun activity that we’d all enjoy, that was something a little different, but would be more relaxing and enjoyable than anything. That’s when I stumbled upon a new company here in Sacramento, Stencil & Co.

You’ve probably heard about, or even tried, paint nights. But the ladies at Stencil & Co. have taken a twist on the concept with a DIY craft night. They take the best of what has made the paint night idea successful and learned from its weak points. And it was a blast!

I will start all this by saying, I do not craft. I am not good at DIY projects. At events that need cute decorations I take on the cooking. My friends are impressed if I add the simplest decorations to my house. Basically this is not my strong suit.

But, with that in mind, I walked away with a beautiful DIY decoration for my home that I made without messing it up! And that really is no small task in my case.

A Fun Time with Friends, Both Old and New

You’ll want to grab a couple friends and book your seats for one of Stencil & Co.’s workshop. Have fun drinking a little wine, laughing as you’re trying to figure out what to do next, and chatting away throughout the session.

On top of a great environment to catch up with good friends you’ll likely make some more before the night is over. I ended up chatting with the other ladies at our table as well as the one nearby. It was fun to get to know more amazing women in our community.

Get Your Hands a Little Dirty

Sometimes it’s fun to get a your hands a little dirty and this is definitely one of them. Whether you are waking your board with a hammer and chains to create imperfections on the wood, or you’re applying the stain and paints, you’ll enjoy the chance to be hands on.

At the same time, I avoided getting anything on my clothes, which is always my prefered way to craft.

Directions to Succeed and the Flexibility to Personalize

When I posted my photos from the event I had many people ask me how I got my board so perfect. This is mostly because they know if I didn’t mess it up, the folks hosting the event really knew what they were doing. And they were right!

The ladies at Stencil & Co. were great guides helping us through the process. They made the process simple enough for anyone to follow and kept a close eye on everyone to make sure everything went right. At the end of the night, everyone’s boards looked great.

While they create a process and environment for you to succeed in your DIY endeavor, no one walked away with one that looked the same.

This starts with the fact that they have a few dozen designs you get to pick from. I loved that all three of us got to have a different project that fit our personalities. Then once you got going you got to pick a stain, how much you distressed your board, and all your paint colors.

In the end, everyone’s boards looked great but distinct to them. A nice twist on many of the other takes to this type of night.

All While Supporting a Great Cause

Stencil & Co. has put together great workshops and they made it even better by partnering with Plates Midtown. If you haven’t already visited Plates Midtown it is a restaurant run by Saint John’s Program for Real Change. This organization helps women and children get off the streets, out of domestic violence situations, and helps them to gain real experience and opportunities to move their lives forward.

St. Johns is an amazing program, and when you purchase wine or food at the Stencil & Co. workshops the profits go to support it. Making it a win-win for everyone involved.

This is just another reason the Stencil & Co. workshops standout from other crafting nights.

Head Home with a Piece You’ll Want to Hang in Your Home

On a normal paint night, I have fun, don’t absolutely ruin my painting. But I’ve never created something I actually want to hang in my house. With Stencil & Co. my new DIY decoration when up on the wall in my living room the next day.

The reasonable cost of the workshops is far worth their value when you come home with a piece for your home that would cost you at least double to order off Etsy.

So after a fun night, getting to support a good cause, you’ll walk away from your Stencil & Co. piece that makes you excited to hang it up. And you’ll likely be looking to bring along a few more friends to one of the upcoming workshops.

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  1. Pam Palmer says

    My name is Pam Palmer. I’m from Wisconsin and was in Sacramento for the week and decided to attend a Stencil & Co. class about a month ago. I can say that I have not had so much fun with a group of people I didn’t know in my life! I chose a stencil that looked to be a challenge, however, with the assistance of the staff, it became a piece of art I couldn’t wait to put on my wall! The setting was lovely, the food and wine was a great touch and the staff was amazing! great! My night out is one that will remain with me for a very long time! If I get to Sacramento in the future, I’ll be sure to make time to experience this event again. Thank you for a great time and encouraging the creativity in all of us!!

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