Cynthia Moreno, Creative Content Producer, California State Assembly

Before joining the State Assembly, Cynthia covered important stories in the region for Vida en el Valle where she was one of the youngest and only fully bilingual Latina reporter that covered the Latino community with a special focus on politics, education and culture, reporting from California’s State Capitol in Sacramento. She’s the first in her family to attend college, and she has been the recipient of the prestigious McClatchy President’s Award twice and has won several awards through the Jose Marti Publishing Awards through the National Association of Hispanic Publications.

Name: Cynthia Moreno

Age: 34

Title: Creative Content Producer in the Democratic Office of Communications and Outreach (DCO) Speaker’s Office – California State Assembly

Best Advice You Ever Received:“Know Your Worth” – I’ve heard this time and time again in both the professional and personal settings. Knowing your worth in the professional setting means knowing, valuing and recognizing your talents, skills and experience that set you apart from others in your chosen career path, and provide you with that competitive edge that makes you an invaluable resource/employee. In a more personal setting- knowing, valuing and loving yourself enough to not settle for anything less than what you truly deserve no matter the circumstances is a key to success in your interpersonal relationships with friends or significant others. In both situations, a person must recognize what their true value is as a human being and constantly fight for it, defend it and strive for it. Life is simply too short to not recognize what you deserve and unfortunately, in life, people rarely take a step back to ask themselves, “is this really what I want? Is this really what I need? Is this really what my heart desires?” In both instances if the answer is no, then it’s time to move on or make a change.

Sacramento Woman You Most Admire? There are so many incredible women living and working in Sacramento – across so many different platforms – that I can’t point to a single one that I admire the most. For the most part, I admire authentic, unapologetic and successful women who have been trailblazers in their respective careers; women who have paved the way for others; who are humble, respected and admired by their peers for their skills and talents. I admire all women who hold strong to their convictions- are goal-setters and goal-getters- who are opinionated and unafraid to speak up or speak out when they see injustices. As a woman, I always try to see the best qualities and character of every woman I meet.

Fave Local Cause? The Sol Collective. It’s not necessarily a charity, but it is a non-profit that advocates for many causes that are important and relevant to underrepresented and overlooked communities. I’ve attended numerous workshops, functions and events where they are constantly and consistently uplifting community members- adults and children alike- by either helping them engage in the arts or providing them with motivation and inspiration to stand up to injustices or to become civically engaged and to care about the array of issues that are plaguing their communities in the present and now. But most importantly, their work helps people take a stand for what they believe in- spiritually, politically and personally. From hosting workshops on indigenous print making techniques, to decolonizing the way we cook and prepare our food, to how we nourish our bodies, or the healing power of music and storytelling, the Sol Collective is one of the most incredible places I’ve stumbled across in Sacramento. I love all of the work they do day in and day out and truly feel their influence in the community is a result of their constant strive to genuinely do good and empower people. I value them as a truly powerful source of work and energy in the Sacramento region.

What Do You Want to See in Sacramento in 5 Years? When I first came to Sacramento back in 2012 I fell in love with the city. It had everything I was looking for: a great nightlife scene, plenty of great restaurants, a vibrant and robust artistic community, plenty of outdoor activities- and most importantly, it was just a short drive to other great cities not too far from Sacramento like Reno, Napa and San Francisco. Through the years, I have come to feel the city’s heartbeat a little more and I love so much what Sacramento offers, the direction it is moving in and its potential. However, I am truly disheartened when I see the amount of poverty and homelessness that permeates throughout the region. It’s hard for me to understand why- after so many years- no elected official has seriously outlined a plan or taken the necessary steps to address the homeless issue in Sacramento. We have all heard and read so much about the problem, but never actually seen a step taken forward to resolve the issue. I’ve been living in Sacramento now for six years and it was a problem when I arrived and still a problem today with apparently no solutions. It would be nice to see a strong plan drawn out on what to do to help people who are living on our streets with no home, no food, and in many cases suffering from mental illness, drug addiction or other serious problems. There has got to be a solution and I think Sacramento has what it takes to be a leader on this issue if only it would try harder. I would be remiss to say that there are many good people, organizations and causes that are helping address this issue on the ground and their efforts should certainly not go unnoticed. As a fellow Sacramentan, I too, am willing to do what I can to see that this problem gets addressed and resolved.

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