Denise Tugade, President of the Fem Dems and Communications Director for State Assemblymember Monique Limón

Denise has served on the Fem Dems board – first as Communications Director and now as President – for over three years. The Fem Dems are committed to promoting the feminist principles of political, economic, and social equality between the sexes. She is a first generation Filipina-American, a California native, and a passionate advocate for Intersectional Feminism. Prior to Sacramento, she lived in Rwanda where she trained community health workers to use smartphones to create Electronic Health Records, coordinated the delivery of water filters and high-efficiency cookstoves to rural villages and evaluated public health programs.

Name: Denise Tugade

Age: 27

Title: President of the Fem Dems and Communications Director for State Assemblymember Monique Limón

Best Advice You Ever Received: Recognize and address mistakes…then move on! Working from a place of fear is what will throw you.

Sacramento Woman You Most Admire? Mona Pasquil Rogers, Appointments Secretary for Governor Jerry Brown (and the first woman to serve as Lieutenant Governor of California) has done incredible work in bringing unprecedented inclusion and representation to the many board, commission and appointed positions that serve the state. Her insistence that qualified, diverse candidates are out there and her hard work and persistence in seeking our those candidates is an inspiring manifestation of what it truly means to support and pull up people who would otherwise not have a seat at the table.

Fave Local Cause? My Sister’s House does great work in the community, particularly for Asian and Pacific Islander women and other underserved communities who have been impacted by domestic violence, human trafficking or sexual assault. My Sister’s House provides a wide range of services, including immediate needs, emergency shelter, legal assistance, job training and educational tools. One in three women will experience intimate partner violence in her lifetime. My Sister’s House is working to support these women with culturally appropriate and responsive services.

What Do You Want to See in Sacramento in 5 Years? I want to see Sacramento address the abysmal black infant mortality rate. Sacramento has one of the worst disparities in the state, with black infants dying at rates of almost twice that of white infants and black women dying in childbirth at around three times the rate of white women, even accounting for socioeconomic status. It is unconscionable that in a country and state with the medical knowledge and technology that we have, that we are unable to provide quality, affordable care and that this divide of who has access is so stark.

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