Dr. Daisy Gonzales, Deputy Chancellor for the CA Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

Daisy is a former foster youth and among the first in her family to go to college. She’s dedicated to fostering the next generation of Latina leaders, and her research has focused on developing processes for successful inclusion and policy solutions that enforce diversity. As Deputy Chancellor, she coordinates the divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Services and Special Programs; Economic Development and Workforce Preparation; and Institutional
Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI).

Name: Dr. Daisy Gonzales

Age: 32

Title: Deputy Chancellor, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

Best Advice You Ever Received: The best advice I have ever received is, an education is something no one can take away from you.

Sacramento Woman You Most Admire? There are two key women I most admire in Sacramento. The first is Jennifer Johnson, she is a fierce education champion who leads with grace and tact as one of Governor Brown’s Deputy for Legislative Affairs. The other woman I most admire is my former boss Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher. She taught me that we must strive to do the most amount of good for the most amount of people.

Fave Local Cause? My favorite charity is Aging Up, a nonprofit dedicated to offering foster youth mentorship and life skills education. As a former foster, I know firsthand the impact that a positive role model can make in your life. Aging Up gives foster youth in Sacramento the opportunity to have a healthy adult relationship and to learn the tools that will help them be successful adults.

What Do You Want to See in Sacramento in 5 Years? Aside from a cat cafe, in five years I would like to see women celebrated as leaders in Sacramento. Major milestones include having a female Mayor, a majority woman city council, and a majority female board of supervisors. Sacramento can become the hub for women’s leadership in elected politics.

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